Sterling Heights, MI  - April 29, 2018 QCheque reinvents and revolutionizes the paper check. QCheque upgrades traditional paper checks with technology to ensure safety and security of the account holder and simplifying the processes for banks.
QCheque™ is tokenizing & reinventing the check payment system for financial institutions to reduce fraud. Unlike the traditional check clearly showing account number, QCheque™ masks the account number with an encrypted QR code, then facilitates every aspect of the check processing securely and efficiently.

Products & Services

- QCheque™ printing services from

- QLabels™ printing to past on traditional checks for masking the account number

- Free Mobile App. available to verify QCheque and payment processing

- Creation of ACH file in X9 standard format for payment posting

- Account Validation – traditional check / ACH transaction verification

- Remote Deposit Capture solution

- Data analytics and reporting

About the Company Founder Shoaib Shafquat, is a technical business analyst with a decade of experience in solving business problems in the financial sector. Last year, he encountered a situation where a fraudster stole over $300,000 from a financial institution by using a fake account number. He discovered that the revealing of account numbers on the paper checks and lack of account verification were the root causes of this check fraud. This insight inspired him to consult with his professional network and establish QCheque, Inc. in March 2017.

Press Contact Shoaib Shafquat Qcheque President & Founder 586-703-7905